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View ThreadJane Got a Gun
by Scott Roberts 3 days ago
12 days ago
Mike Cohen
View Threadyoutube upload destroying gamma, saturation, contrast, color balance
by nicholas mammano 3 days ago
73 days ago
Duke Sweden
View ThreadSyncing audio from one iPhone, one iPad, one Canon t5i, and one mp3
by Jack Tomczak 4 days ago
33 days ago
Jack Tomczak
View ThreadWorking on an external hard drive
by Jenn Lindsay 6 days ago
84 days ago
Craig Alan
View ThreadMy FCP X Studio and thoughts
by David Mathis 2 weeks ago
155 days ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadAdobe's Record Revenue Shows the way to Business Transformation
by walter biscardi 2 months ago
391 week ago
Bob Cole
View ThreadI made a video and would love som feedback
by Samuel Koppner 3 weeks ago
42 weeks ago
Samuel Koppner
View ThreadHow is CC 2015? Bugs?
by Brent Taylor 8 months ago
152 weeks ago
Rich Malmberg
View Threaddurable fixtures for shipping
by Bob Cole 3 months ago
253 weeks ago
Erik Anschicks
View Threadiphone4 video in FCP7 for youtube export
by raju bhai 3 weeks ago
63 weeks ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadSony Vegas Pro 11 crashes with Windows 10 update
by Susan Harding 3 weeks ago
83 weeks ago
Steve Rhoden
View ThreadFrame Rate Conversion Issues
by Odille Grouillard 3 weeks ago
73 weeks ago
Odille Grouillard
View ThreadBob Zelin is right.....The End Is Near!
by Don Walker 1 month ago
433 weeks ago
Andrew Kimery
View Threadmanual migration to El Capitan
by Craig Alan 4 weeks ago
173 weeks ago
Craig Alan
View ThreadMovie Discussion: Is The Revenant as Good as The Forest is Bad?
by Scott Roberts 3 weeks ago
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: Remembering Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC; Remembering David Bowie; Editing Star Wars
by Creative COW 4 weeks ago
View ThreadSynching related but not identical audio tracks
by Peter Grad 1 month ago
204 weeks ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadGlassy look?
by Jerry Smith 1 month ago
144 weeks ago
Jerry Smith
View ThreadSeleting a range in FCPX if you have moved your clips into a separate folder
by Robert Selfe 4 weeks ago
14 weeks ago
Jeff Kirkland
View ThreadWhy can't I select range when importing into FCPX?
by Lang Elliott 2 years ago
44 weeks ago
Robert Selfe
View ThreadWhere is an editing program with Automated Speech Recognition?
by Brett Sherman 1 month ago
204 weeks ago
Robin S. Kurz
View ThreadArticle: Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, 1930 - 2016 - Remembering the Genius
by Yuri Neyman, ASC 1 month ago
View ThreadMetaphors and terminology
by Oliver Peters 2 months ago
591 month ago
Andrew Kimery
View ThreadNews: TVU to Provide Full Slate of Live Video Services During Super Bowl Week
by COW News Droid 1 month ago
View ThreadSplitting multi-channel audio into discrete left and right tracks?
by Phil Lowe 1 month ago
621 month ago
Phil Lowe
View ThreadRemove black bars during slidepush transitions
by Giuseppe Esposito 1 month ago
21 month ago
Giuseppe Esposito
View Threadadvice needed 60fps video
by Joe Tavola 2 months ago
261 month ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadOT - is the "new" Mac Pro a failure
by Steve Connor 2 months ago
1001 month ago
Andrew Kimery
View ThreadNews: Telestream's Wirecast Go Mobile Live Streaming App for iPhone Now Available from Apple App Store
by Cow News Droid 2 months ago
View ThreadNews: Cunningham Gives Missy Elliot Video Schneider Flair
by COW News Droid 2 months ago
View ThreadA (possibly cheap) camera to get a cinematic look
by Manuel Berari 2 months ago
22 months ago
Manuel Berari
View ThreadLumu Power — the light, exposure, flash and color temperature meter for the iPhone
by Silvo Katalenić 2 months ago
View ThreadHow to recover iPhone 4/4s/3Gs deleted contacts?
by swallow lee 3 years ago
62 months ago
Coco Austin
View ThreadSerious lag on good PC??
by Jake Russ 3 months ago
112 months ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadNews: Public Company Corning Turns To Cogswell Mediaworks Students To Conceive And Produce Promotional Video
by COW News Droid 2 months ago
View ThreadUse Sennheiser EW-100ENG G3 to record to phone?
by Allard DePallerd 1 year ago
42 months ago
Christian Frost
View Threadbest way to export iphone video to look less grainy
by Garrett Thomas 2 months ago
22 months ago
Garrett Thomas
View ThreadIphone not deleting anything
by Vincent Strader 2 months ago
View ThreadFPS variable problems
by Angelina Fernandez 2 months ago
22 months ago
Angelina Fernandez
View Thread8 hour rendierng, not even a third done, are you kidding me?
by Kell Smith 3 months ago
272 months ago
David Baud
View ThreadNews: Clear-Com Gear Improves Production Workflow for Video Call Center
by COW News Droid 2 months ago
View ThreadDoes anyone think FCPX is NOT a Professional NLE?
by Steve Connor 3 months ago
852 months ago
Craig Alan
View ThreadAudio Sync Issue FCP7
by David Mignano 3 months ago
112 months ago
Michael Gissing
View ThreadConfused over DVDA and Blu-Ray
by Rick Hughes 3 months ago
243 months ago
John Rofrano
View ThreadCan't view iPhone video in Vegas
by Don Smith 6 years ago
143 months ago
juliet zhu
View Thread44.1k Audio Out Of Sync with 48k Video
by Matthew Gagliardi 3 months ago
53 months ago
Chris Borjis
View ThreadHow to recover deleted text messages on iPhone 6S Plus
by sten klose 3 months ago
View ThreadNews: Panasonic Announces Availability/Pricing For AW-UE70, Industry’s First Professional 4K Integrated PTZ Camera
by COW News Droid 3 months ago
View ThreadProblem with FCP 6 - when importing footage to timeline, I lose RT options (unlimited RT, etc) - Animation codec
by Michael Arnes 3 months ago
53 months ago
Michael Arnes
View Thread" Worth It Anymore"??
by Andy jackson 5 years ago
343 months ago
Joe Knapp
View ThreadVegas Pro 13 will not recognize my Quicktime installation
by jim schuler 3 months ago
13 months ago
John Rofrano

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