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Apple Final Cut Pro

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View Thread2nd Monitor won't go Full Screen in FCP - UPDATED INFO
by Trevor Ambrose 22 hours ago
31 hour ago
Nick Meyers
View ThreadExporting a 1 hour long file on FCP7
by Danny Garcia 14 hours ago
51 hour ago
Nick Meyers
View Threadchanging camera on fcp
by Vinoy Varghese 1 day ago
123 hours ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadFinal Cut - Startup Disk Space
by Zachary Silver 4 years ago
111 day ago
Alexey Shulev
View ThreadHow can I get the EOS FCP plugin now?
by Matt Hoffman 6 months ago
63 days ago
Dan Kaufman
View Threadsony pxw x70 and FCP 7
by Jack Lewis 6 days ago
63 days ago
Jack Lewis
View ThreadFCP 7 Out of Memory Message
by Danielle Bernstein 9 months ago
83 days ago
Ale Corsini
View ThreadConverting MXF audio and video into FCP 7
by Stephen Nahroniak 3 years ago
73 days ago
Tariq Salqan
View Thread2nd Monitor won't go Full Screen in FCP
by Trevor Ambrose 4 days ago
View ThreadDVD Burns
by Ron Fenley, 4 days ago
14 days ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadWhat Sony FS700 picture profile did I use to shoot a video?
by Arturo Glass 4 days ago
54 days ago
John Pale
View ThreadFinal Cut Pro using too much disk space
by Jay Fishback 4 years ago
114 days ago
Mike Malone
View ThreadMultiClip editing in FCP 7 not exporting xml correctly
by Daniel Hodge 5 days ago
54 days ago
Dave LaRonde
View ThreadFinal Cut Pro effects stuck loading when opening document
by Yancy Martinez 5 days ago
44 days ago
Yancy Martinez
View ThreadFCP 7 - audio export issues
by Ronit Bezalel 5 days ago
75 days ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadFCP 7 Can't load into new hard drive
by Dean Longfield 5 days ago
View ThreadHD Pal to NTSC
by Chico Dall'Inha 5 days ago
15 days ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadFCP 7 won't open on new user profile
by Kieran Ryan 5 days ago
View ThreadFCP 7 - Video File issue
by Elam Forrester 6 days ago
55 days ago
Elam Forrester
View ThreadFCP 7 Won't launch
by Ben Lithman 4 years ago
206 days ago
julien tritri
View ThreadMixing GoPro Frame Rates in FCP
by Anthony Messina 7 days ago
37 days ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadFCP 7 and GH 4: where is my time code ???
by Tim Matkosky 7 days ago
57 days ago
Tim Matkosky
View ThreadREMOTE DISC/FCP7 Installer Issue
by Aaron Gentry 4 weeks ago
47 days ago
Aaron Gentry

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