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Apple Final Cut Pro

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View ThreadFCPX - Tips to speed up a time consuming job!
by Gareth Fearn 2 hours ago
View ThreadFCP 10.1.X Clips Disappear from Timeline
by David Feldman 3 hours ago
View ThreadExporting AAF from FCP7
by Milo Hewitt 4 days ago
88 hours ago
Daryl K Davis
View ThreadSONY creative software - any reccomendations
by Nick Meyers 1 month ago
515 hours ago
Nick Meyers
View ThreadApple ProRes Audio Drift in FCP 6.0.6 importing Skype Video
by jason Brancato 1 day ago
View ThreadThe 3d film without the glasses look.
by Shaun Davies 2 days ago
22 days ago
Shaun Davies
View ThreadFCP 7 crashing when even touching Motion templates
by Warwick Meade 3 days ago
32 days ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadMotion lines on exported moving video
by Caroline Scott 2 days ago
32 days ago
Nick Meyers
View ThreadHow do I get my plugin metadata from workstation to workstation?
by Mark Kepko 3 days ago
12 days ago
Nick Meyers
View Thread7d>FCP7>Print to video>Broadcast. workflow advice
by John Og 4 years ago
42 days ago
Yohan Aton
View ThreadQuicktime 5.1 Surround question
by Dan Williams 4 years ago
183 days ago
Chris Darlington
View ThreadExporting in .MP4
by Alexiou Gibson 2 years ago
73 days ago
adam chesbrough
View ThreadAV output and non-standard frame sizes
by Matt Steeves 4 days ago
View ThreadAudio & Video filters not working in a new sequence in FCP7
by Matthew James 5 days ago
14 days ago
Nick Meyers
View ThreadFCP7 Media Manager Audio Levels Changing
by Derek Nickell 4 days ago
34 days ago
Nick Meyers
View ThreadShooting Documentary - FCP 7 MTS Problems
by Matthew Halsall 5 days ago
15 days ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadDesperately looking for Pro Applications Update 2008‑04 / 05
by Toby Tomkins 2 years ago
105 days ago
Dave Farrants
View ThreadVideo Rendering in Final Cut Express
by Daniel Frost 5 days ago
25 days ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadXAVC-S to FCP 7?
by Roni Sokolov 1 week ago
76 days ago
Roni Sokolov
View ThreadFCP7 export good/no good. Yikes
by Ted Irving 6 days ago
36 days ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadAudio and video not in sync when playing timeline 720P50, greenscreen
by Niklas Wikman 1 week ago
56 days ago
Dave LaRonde
View ThreadPoor quality export
by Ahilan Ratnamohan 1 week ago
47 days ago
Ahilan Ratnamohan
View ThreadIs there a function in Final Cut pro to see a grid or thirds in the canvas or viewer?
by Paul Boone 5 years ago
31 week ago
Phil Uhl
View ThreadDistortion error bringing images into FCP7 sequence
by Erica Magrey 1 week ago
11 week ago
David Roth Weiss

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