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Apple Final Cut Pro

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View ThreadTrying to edit 48 fps footage in a sequence set to 30 fps
by Eric Rosenfeld 58 minutes ago
View ThreadChanging duration of pic when transition is covering project
by sherry steinbach 5 hours ago
View ThreadFCP7 + Caldigit 16TB T4 + Matrox MXO2 LE = crashing when edit to tape.
by Dennis Leppell 4 days ago
95 hours ago
Dennis Leppell
View ThreadProblems with export
by Manu Cataldi 1 day ago
39 hours ago
Manu Cataldi
View ThreadLegal question
by Leejay poichuk 10 hours ago
29 hours ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadChanging Title cards only
by Cathy Koutsavlis 13 hours ago
411 hours ago
Dave LaRonde
View ThreadCan't get LUT Buddy to show up in FCP 7
by dallas kruse 3 days ago
111 hours ago
Dave LaRonde
View Threadconvert 1080p to 720p
by Roni Sokolov 16 hours ago
211 hours ago
Roni Sokolov
View ThreadSkype Mic Quality (FCP X)
by Lillian Young 3 days ago
112 hours ago
Dave LaRonde
View ThreadProblem with DV PAL and field jitter in ProRes timeline
by Malte Decker 5 days ago
618 hours ago
Michael Gissing
View ThreadBluRay Burning
by Jim Murphy 3 years ago
1218 hours ago
Jessie May
View ThreadFCP7 + MPEG Streamclip: to check or not to unchek Interlaced Scaling box
by Manu Cataldi 4 days ago
720 hours ago
Eric Rosenfeld
View ThreadI can't view my Canon C100 footage in The Log and Transfer window of my Final CUt Pro 7
by CHristopher Eric Outridge 1 day ago
122 hours ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadReversing a clip in FCP?
by Richard Boddington 3 days ago
22 days ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadError: Out of Memory
by Gerret Warner 4 days ago
13 days ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadBest Encoder?
by Joe Riggs 3 weeks ago
34 days ago
Manu Cataldi
View ThreadFCPtoAE Popcorn Island. Where can I get it?
by Villing Chong 6 years ago
44 days ago
Dennis Leppell
View ThreadUp converting 1440x1080 footage
by Morgan Samuel 5 days ago
84 days ago
Morgan Samuel
View Thread"Out of memory" errors
by Joe Riggs 5 days ago
34 days ago
Dave LaRonde
View ThreadFinal Cut Pro and Video Hard Drive/RAID
by dallas kruse 5 days ago
64 days ago
Shane Ross
View Threadimproving render times / fx factory with 4K footage in FCP7
by Steve Mullins 5 days ago
45 days ago
Steve Mullins
SolvedCan't add effects to clips in timeline
by Matt Howlett 5 days ago
25 days ago
Matt Howlett
View ThreadNew Mac Pro and FCP7 reality check
by Eric Weiner 1 year ago
235 days ago
Steve Mullins
View ThreadMusic Syn Issues
by Hernan Justo 6 days ago
65 days ago
Hernan Justo
View ThreadArticle: PluralEyes: Fast & Easy Connections for Video & Audio Clips
by Bill ONeil 6 days ago
55 days ago
Jonas Bendsen
View ThreadCan't import or convert .mp4 Files
by Matt Tureck 4 years ago
95 days ago
Alicia Victoria Palacios Thomas
View ThreadCatastrophic failure with FCPX 2.1
by Ralph Toporoff 6 days ago
16 days ago
Michael Gissing
View ThreadGreen Screen Edge Bleeding Funk
by Greg Ondera 6 days ago
36 days ago
Mark Suszko
View ThreadMotion Blur from Sony a7s
by Mo Brady 6 days ago
26 days ago
Joe Barta IV
View ThreadLegacy clients and projects, prog vs interlaced, MP vs NMP etc
by Mickey Power 3 weeks ago
66 days ago
Mickey Power
View ThreadFCP 7 won't apply a pixel fix filter
by Simo Valley 1 week ago
116 days ago
Simo Valley

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