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Joseph Owens
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Apple Color

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View ThreadWhat Color Space is my Macbook Pro running in?
by Rob Martin 2 weeks ago
View ThreadMacbook Pro Broadcast Monitor
by Sacha Proctor 3 years ago
162 weeks ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadShould I get a Spyder, Xrite, or Colorvision calibrator?
by Noam Osband 2 months ago
11 month ago
Joseph Owens
View ThreadColor returns Lumix GH4 96 fps clip to FCP7 with shorter length and higher frame rate
by Peter Robertson 3 months ago
23 months ago
Peter Robertson
View ThreadColor effect Transitions
by Ronnie Quinlan 7 years ago
63 months ago
Brett Hamilton
View ThreadLooking for Promax DA-Max+ Software
by George Carlston 6 years ago
144 months ago
Tim Miller
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: Ronald Lindeboom retires from Creative COW
by Creative COW 3 years ago
424 months ago
Noah Kadner
View ThreadArticle: Open Letter to Companies Exhibiting at the NAB Show
by Kylee Wall 6 months ago
644 months ago
Jim Wiseman
View ThreadColor grades in Final Cut Pro X
by Rebecca McCreary 5 months ago
View ThreadArticle: Tips from an NAB Veteran: Make the Best Use of Your Time
by walter biscardi 6 months ago
125 months ago
Diana Webber
View ThreadApple Color changing frame rate
by Nicole Schoepflin 1 year ago
127 months ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadNo playback on scopes
by alessandro bertoncini 9 months ago
View ThreadVideo: Creative COW Webinar: Signiant - Democratizing Cutting-Edge File Transfer for Every Size Creative Business
by Creative COW 10 months ago
View ThreadContrast in midtones (like clarity slider in Lightroom/Adobe Camera RAW)
by Garrett Gibbons 5 years ago
2511 months ago
Mike Charal
View ThreadIs there any way of using Apple Color without Final Cut?
by Andrei Popa 11 months ago
211 months ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadCrash with Color Project. Very Important!
by Fernando Lino 12 months ago
View ThreadRed Epic 5k footage, Apple Color, and Premiere Pro 5.5
by Jimmy See 1 year ago
31 year ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadBroadcast Safe!
by David Lunday 1 year ago
21 year ago
David Lunday
View Threadvideo skipping
by Rachel Ames 1 year ago
11 year ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadAlpha Channel in the Video Scope
by virgilio Troncoso 1 year ago
View ThreadReading SxS cards
by Nicos Ambatzis 1 year ago
View ThreadApple Color v1.5 with MacPro 2012
by Phil Vanier 1 year ago
21 year ago
Phil Vanier
View ThreadProblem transferring color grades to shorter sequence
by Jocelyn Ford 2 years ago
11 year ago
Joseph Owens
View ThreadStill Store not working
by John Reis 1 year ago
View ThreadColor grades are darker in FC
by Wojtek Jezowski 7 years ago
161 year ago
alex gat
View ThreadRountrip fcp to color - no transitions when sending to fcp
by Richard Davis 1 year ago
21 year ago
Richard Davis
View ThreadCrushing Blacks, going below zero on videoscope
by David Lunday 1 year ago
View ThreadColor is different when rendered?
by Dean Fisher 1 year ago
121 year ago
Dean Fisher
View Threadcolor 1.5
by anna levin 2 years ago
12 years ago
Richard van Harderwijk
View ThreadKeyframes not saving...gone when reopening project!??
by David Lunday 2 years ago
View ThreadTangent Wave control surface for sale
by Robert Arnold 2 years ago
52 years ago
Robert Arnold
View ThreadApple Color 1.0 writing only white DPX frames?
by Marc Roessler 2 years ago
View ThreadNews: All New Mac Pro Available Starting Tomorrow
by Cow News Droid 2 years ago
View ThreadVideo clip colors totally different when sent to Color from FCP 6!?
by David Lunday 2 years ago
12 years ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadLeaving & Removing colors
by Russell Yost 2 years ago
12 years ago
Joseph Owens
View ThreadCrash -> lost grades and geometries -> How revert to old savings?
by Gustavo Torelly Schmidt 2 years ago
View ThreadPreview Screen Problems in Apple Color
by Ingmar Lara 2 years ago
72 years ago
Mark Rusling
View ThreadColor render settings
by Sara Sanchez 2 years ago
12 years ago
Stuart Smith
View ThreadScaling/cropping 5K R3D in Apple Color
by Daniel Stone 2 years ago
View ThreadNews: Introducing the All New Mac Pro—The Most Radical Mac Ever
by Cow News Droid 2 years ago
62 years ago
Chris Kenny
View ThreadSetting up HP DreamColor LP2480zx monitor for work in Color
by Jean Deraps 7 years ago
1292 years ago
Neil Redman
View ThreadNews: OS X Mavericks Available Today Free from the Mac App Store
by Cow News Droid 2 years ago
62 years ago
Jeff Kirkland
View ThreadNews: MacBook Pro with Retina Display Updated with Latest Processors, Faster Graphics & Longer Battery Life
by Cow News Droid 2 years ago
View ThreadNews: Apple Announces iPad Air—Dramatically Thinner, Lighter & More Powerful iPad
by Cow News Droid 2 years ago
View ThreadColor hasn't changed when sent back to FCP.
by Daniel Skoldberg 2 years ago
12 years ago
Matt Jw
View ThreadHp dreamcolor rec709 match color look to second dell lcd monitor
by alexis bahena 2 years ago
View ThreadRED FCP/Color workflow
by Pablo Villegas 5 years ago
162 years ago
Praxis Fernandez
View ThreadLUT, ICC Profiles and Apple Color
by Emiliano Rodriguez 2 years ago
82 years ago
Emiliano Rodriguez
View Thread100 color tones pleasantville effect ?
by Ernesto Brelièreovsky 2 years ago

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