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Adobe Premiere Pro

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View ThreadNeed new hard drive setup ideal after upgrading to CC
by Kenneth Maultsby 1 hour ago
View ThreadMercury Engine Hardware Accelleration sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. CC2015.1 GTX670
by Matthew Hoecker 2 hours ago
12 hours ago
Matthew Hoecker
View ThreadSynchronize audio with 3 cameras
by Andrey Skripnik 4 hours ago
View ThreadAudio won't render in Premiere Pro CC 2014
by Tyler Wilkes 18 hours ago
25 hours ago
Tyler Wilkes
View ThreadEX1R audio distortion when round tripping w/ Audition
by Jim Cunningham 5 hours ago
View ThreadPremiere and After Affects dynamic link issue
by Scott Gaskin 2 days ago
29 hours ago
Scott Gaskin
View ThreadProject Manager hangs when I try to consolidate - any advice?
by Mark Norgate 2 months ago
410 hours ago
Curt Ash
View ThreadMatch frame playback in source monitor
by Curt Ash 6 days ago
410 hours ago
Curt Ash
View ThreadRelinking Media, now picture is out of sync with Grey danger stripes
by aemilia scott 22 hours ago
211 hours ago
aemilia scott
View ThreadGraphic Endtag looks pixelated in small size but fine when made full screen - WHY?!?!
by Alana Sawyer 14 hours ago
112 hours ago
Jon Doughtie
View ThreadAdding audio to timeline, but it won't give me all channels. Conundrum.
by Matthew Plourde 1 day ago
213 hours ago
Ann Bens
View ThreadClip loses audio on drag drop
by mark thompson 17 hours ago
113 hours ago
mark thompson
View Threadwhere the Cloud is hidden????
by Michael Hanish 19 hours ago
214 hours ago
David Roth Weiss
View ThreadAdobe Premiere Training in NYC?
by Nik Chin 7 months ago
415 hours ago
Paul Murphy
View Threadadd multicam angle ?
by Michael O'Reilly 2 days ago
616 hours ago
Michael O'Reilly
View ThreadTimeline Clicking Issues
by Jordan Ambuehl 1 day ago
View ThreadEditing Horizontal Video for Vertical Screens
by Edgar Perez 1 day ago
View Threadmulti channel audio troubles
by Kyle Moore 3 months ago
41 day ago
Collin Ruffino
View ThreadAdobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 won't play after pressing space bar or play
by wellington gonzalez 4 months ago
261 day ago
Drew Lahat
View ThreadHow to create new CLIPS from a Sequence given to me by PluralEyes? Has to be a way.
by Matthew Plourde 3 days ago
41 day ago
nat ives
View ThreadScene Detection workflow suggestions?
by Eric Mueller 9 months ago
41 day ago
Ju Dor
View ThreadIssue with dragging content
by Cody Waite 1 day ago
View ThreadMaster Exports
by Oscar Gotti 4 days ago
111 day ago
Oscar Gotti
View ThreadBrand new Mac Pro, Premiere CC 2015 crashes and bugs out often
by Brett Hansen 2 days ago
71 day ago
Brett Hansen
View ThreadGo to next/previous clip
by Mike Kahn 1 day ago
11 day ago
Mike Kahn
View ThreadRecently getting strange screen glitches on Premiere Pro CC 2015
by Oliver Abbott 2 days ago
View ThreadFrame offset for external monitor (LED TV) out of sync Premiere Pro / Black Magic
by robin haman 2 years ago
62 days ago
Matt Campbell
View ThreadCS6 question on new laptop
by Jan Janowski 2 days ago
View ThreadBest Upsizing solution for Video
by Marc Nibor 3 days ago
32 days ago
Yair Bartal
View ThreadH264 crashing CC2014 but not CC?
by Jay Thomas 9 months ago
42 days ago
chris king
View ThreadCS6 mercury playback for iMac?
by Dan Roesch 4 years ago
142 days ago
Bill Lattanzi
View ThreadNeed audio guru's advice on adobe premiere audio output
by Spike Spiegel 3 days ago
12 days ago
Andy Edwards
View ThreadPremiere Pro CC 2015 crash on export
by Joseph Hall-Patton 4 months ago
52 days ago
Joseph Hall-Patton
View ThreadExport 360p videos with timecode for transcribing
by salah anwar 3 days ago
42 days ago
salah anwar
View ThreadAdobe Media Encoder CC 2015 Rendering Bug
by Isaac Barker 5 months ago
73 days ago
Matt Anderson
View ThreadCC 2015 - No Analogue VO!?
by Matt Anderson 3 months ago
13 days ago
Matt Anderson
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: A Tale of Two Mockingjays; Introducing Ultron; LTO, and More
by Creative COW 3 days ago
View ThreadCapture not finalizing HD file - corrupt file
by Todd Perchert 2 years ago
14 days ago
Charles Kinard
View Threadtimecode marks not visible
by Alfredo Rodriguez 4 days ago
View Thread29 angles of multicam - how to go about editing?
by Patrick Simpson 4 days ago
44 days ago
Ivan Myles
View ThreadIntermediate formats least CPU overhead?
by Ted Bragg 5 days ago
14 days ago
David Roth Weiss
View ThreadOpinion Request: Adobe Premier Pro vx After Effects
by Dave Babb 4 days ago
View ThreadPP - Redcine X roundtrip - multiple settings for one long clip?
by Peter Lange 5 days ago
View ThreadColor correction automation
by Natalie Schneider 6 days ago
35 days ago
Alex Udell
View Threadmoving clips on timeline causing crashes
by Jim Watt 5 days ago
15 days ago
David Roth Weiss
View ThreadNVIDIA Card with Yosemite and Premiere causing major graphics failure
by Chip Burns 11 months ago
2375 days ago
Joseph Hung
View ThreadDisable locking of audio track with keyframes in Premiere CC?
by Michael Kellam 6 days ago
25 days ago
Michael Kellam
View ThreadAdobe's Black Friday Deal - it paid off for me
by David Roth Weiss 6 days ago
55 days ago
David Roth Weiss
View ThreadColor Flares in Premier Pro.
by Johnny Apple 7 days ago
25 days ago
Jon Doughtie
View ThreadHave an awful sound on a sped up and posterized clip, audio has been deleted.
by Tyler Kemp 1 week ago
35 days ago
Tyler Kemp
View ThreadHow to place wav with timestamp at correct location?
by Marc Nibor 6 days ago
View ThreadMedia offline only when rendering
by Daniel Stankler 1 week ago
36 days ago
Daniel Stankler
View ThreadProblems creating closed caption in Chinese Mandarin
by Ever Giron 6 days ago
36 days ago
Tero Ahlfors
View ThreadNeed to pinpoint problems in export and client review workflow
by Kell Smith 1 week ago
86 days ago
Kell Smith
View ThreadAny way to "re-wrap" MP4 files?
by Seth Johnson 6 days ago
View ThreadPremiere CC2015 - scaled footage render chain, quality retained?
by Lance Clayton 6 days ago
View ThreadAdobe Premier CC 2014 and Flickering
by John Hopkins 1 year ago
146 days ago
Cali Pvp
View Thread44.1k Audio Out Of Sync with 48k Video
by Matthew Gagliardi 1 week ago
56 days ago
Chris Borjis
View ThreadMagnetic Timeline in Premiere Pro? Coming from FCPx
by Gillian Marsollier 4 weeks ago
46 days ago
Curt Ash
View ThreadStand up edit station
by christina rule 1 week ago
36 days ago
Curt Ash
View ThreadLoss of Video Effects and Transitions from CS6 to CC 2015
by Ron Marks 6 days ago
View ThreadOpening Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 project files in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014?
by Tom Black 1 week ago
56 days ago
Walter Soyka
View ThreadMulticam from timeline
by Jim Cunningham 7 days ago
17 days ago
Jim Cunningham
View ThreadBeware of El Capitan!!!
by David Roth Weiss 2 months ago
207 days ago
Brian Cooney
View ThreadRotate video 90 degrees?
by David Loschiavo 9 years ago
97 days ago
Ramona Boston
View Thread"Set Key Frame Distance" Option/GOP question.
by Oscar Gotti 1 week ago
87 days ago
Rich Kaelin
View ThreadProbramme freezes in Multicam edit mode
by Brian Hurst 7 days ago
View ThreadTranscoding XAVC footage to Pro Res
by Magee McIlvaine 3 weeks ago
41 week ago
David Roth Weiss
View ThreadCut on a Mini, send to AME on faster MBP?
by Ted Bragg 1 week ago
11 week ago
David Roth Weiss
View ThreadAnybody else running out of memory with CC2015?
by Blaise Douros 5 months ago
101 week ago
timothy Geraghty
View ThreadOpacity and linear color: alternative solution to uncheck option in sequence settings
by Gabriele Bartoli 1 week ago
View ThreadSync long interview in Premier Pro CC
by cara holmes 1 week ago
View ThreadVideo loosing black colours, .mp4 file with error
by Matīss Pērkons 1 week ago
51 week ago
Matīss Pērkons
View ThreadImporting clip un-syncs the audio
by Julie Allen 1 week ago
View ThreadPPRO CC 2014 Annoying Playhead Behaviour
by John Sackey 1 year ago
231 week ago
Adam Roseta
View ThreadRenaming Clips in Timeline issue
by Will Thomas 1 week ago
21 week ago
Will Thomas
View Threadmultipe GPU support - so I can just ram an assortment of GPUs in there?
by todd deece 1 week ago
View ThreadAdditive frames? Echo?
by Rick Drew 1 week ago
View ThreadHow to distort a clip ? (kinda "free transform" type effect from Photoshop)
by Jean in Boston 9 years ago
111 week ago
Paul Roquecave
View Thread8 hour rendierng, not even a third done, are you kidding me?
by Kell Smith 2 weeks ago
221 week ago
David Baud
View ThreadHow to make a video clip glow.
by Nate Rocks 1 week ago
View ThreadNo Cuda issues whatsoever with Yosemite
by David Roth Weiss 5 months ago
51 week ago
Joseph Hung
View ThreadSky flickering, using Magic Bullet Looks in CC
by Jacques van Oortmerssen 1 week ago
61 week ago
Jacques van Oortmerssen
View ThreadIs VBR 2 Pass that much better than VBR 1 Pass or CBR?
by Adam Berch 3 years ago
161 week ago
Walter Soyka
View ThreadProblems during working in Premiere CC
by Jimena Mora 1 week ago
31 week ago
Joe Barta IV
View ThreadCC 2014 Trim trouble
by James Poll 4 months ago
31 week ago
James Poll
View ThreadActivating Clips Through Program window Premiere CC 2015
by timothy Geraghty 2 weeks ago
31 week ago
timothy Geraghty
View ThreadCreative Cloud Autosave
by Jeffrey Carter 4 months ago
61 week ago
Jeffrey Carter
View Threadedit clip in audition cc - not exporting video
by Jarrick Harris 1 week ago
31 week ago
Paul Neumann
View ThreadPremiere 2015.0.2 two more Bugs!!!
by Joel Arvidsson 2 weeks ago
71 week ago
Tero Ahlfors
View ThreadRED in new CC 2015
by Lance Bachelder 5 months ago
191 week ago
Richard Li
View ThreadPremiere CS3 crashes on startup... driving me nuts!
by Micah McDowell 7 years ago
151 week ago
Angel Ramos
View ThreadExported ProRes-file not working with Cinema Tools
by Tom Luede 1 week ago
View ThreadNew Graphics card needed
by Peter Rafalow 2 weeks ago
61 week ago
Stephen Abbott
View ThreadMaking keyframed effects instant.
by Nate Rocks 1 week ago
41 week ago
Nate Rocks
View ThreadHuge Blocky Artifacts in Premiere
by Neil Hilton 1 week ago
41 week ago
Neil Hilton
View ThreadDealing with crashes in Premiere Pro
by Jon Collins 1 week ago
11 week ago
Joe Barta IV
View ThreadHow to adjust audio in Source Monitor
by martin pickett 5 years ago
81 week ago
Eddie Maldonado
View ThreadIs upgrading from CS6 to CC really worth it?
by Kenneth Maultsby 2 weeks ago
51 week ago
David Roth Weiss
View ThreadWacom users?
by Gabriel Regalbuto 4 years ago
411 week ago
Michael Guidetti
View Threadcan't add keywords in Bridge to mxf files
by christina rule 5 months ago
81 week ago
steve knattress
View Threadunable to add comments to existing markers
by Chris Brooke 1 week ago
View Threadcopying column information in project panel?
by Chris Brooke 1 week ago
View ThreadPremiere Pro CS6 is not playing back
by Jack Slattery 3 years ago
541 week ago
ma kris
View ThreadAdvice to speed up denoise in premiere and after effects
by Michael Burke 2 weeks ago
21 week ago
Michael Burke
View ThreadWeird strobing effect
by Duke Sweden 2 weeks ago
21 week ago
Duke Sweden
View ThreadColor Correcting
by Julie Allen 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
Duke Sweden
View ThreadHow to smoothly go to black while I cue the timeline
by David Notowitz 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
Duke Sweden
View ThreadCANON CLOG2 Luts
by Pat McGowan 2 weeks ago
View ThreadWhich hard disk for editing? 2.5", 3.5"?
by Adam Spencer 2 weeks ago
62 weeks ago
Tim Jones
View ThreadAny updated info on Windows 10 compatibility with PPro, graphics in general?
by Duke Sweden 2 weeks ago
View ThreadHow TO- Video Scrolling up effects
by Johnny Apple 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
Jon Doughtie
View ThreadText effect question
by Jacky Chang 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
Jon Doughtie
View ThreadPluralEyes Workflow
by Adrian Fach 3 weeks ago
32 weeks ago
Jon Frost
View ThreadPlural Eyes, Premiere Pro CC 2015 and AVCHD
by Justin Emery 2 weeks ago
12 weeks ago
Jon Frost
View ThreadChange Source Range on Multiple Files
by Tim Franklin 2 weeks ago
View Threadis there a way to export a 4k dcp file from Premiere?
by Ben Allan 2 weeks ago
View ThreadExport with Safe Margin burn-in
by Lou Acosta 2 weeks ago
32 weeks ago
Alex Udell
View ThreadNew 2015 iMac will not run Yosemite
by Bob Pierce 4 weeks ago
92 weeks ago
Bob Pierce
View ThreadUnder the gun..need correction advice for low light shoot footage asap..
by Kell Smith 2 weeks ago
62 weeks ago
Kell Smith
View ThreadSony F5 XAVC footage in Premiere CS6
by Don McVey 3 years ago
292 weeks ago
Darren Edwards
View ThreadAlternative to Encore?
by Todd VanSlyck 2 weeks ago
62 weeks ago
Steve Brame
View ThreadSound sync nightmare w/Premiere or PluralEyes. I REALLY need assist. Project stalled with no hope in sight.
by Matthew Plourde 2 weeks ago
72 weeks ago
Matthew Plourde
View ThreadHow to find offline media graphic in timeline
by Jakrapun Rugchon 4 years ago
32 weeks ago
Gates Bradley
View ThreadEl Capitan and Premiere Pro
by Steve Connor 2 months ago
92 weeks ago
Joel Federer
View ThreadHow to optimize blank space above video tracks
by David Powell 2 weeks ago
View ThreadPremiere Won't Bring in Audio Along with Video Clips?
by Brent Taylor 1 year ago
92 weeks ago
Ann Bens
View ThreadCopying clips and sequences from one project to another duplicating files
by Kevin Clancy 2 weeks ago
View ThreadPremiere Pro CC stopped playing anything
by Alex Holzman 4 months ago
22 weeks ago
Richard Clabaugh
View ThreadPremiere Pro Editors - What road do we take? Buying a new Mac (Vader helmet) or a 2011-2013 MacPro?
by Tom Laughlin 3 weeks ago
132 weeks ago
Chris Borjis
View ThreadAdvice choosing an OS upgrade from windows 7
by Mike Hennessey 2 weeks ago
View ThreadPre Pro Scratch disk write protected or unavailable????
by Don Cobble 4 years ago
372 weeks ago
Anthony Hight
View ThreadPremiere cut off the edges of my video
by gordie parham 4 years ago
52 weeks ago
Danie Louw
View Thread"after effects has encountered an error" in premiere pro project
by Gun kim 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Gun kim
View ThreadTimeline randomly stops playing and wont continue
by Ashley Smith 2 weeks ago
52 weeks ago
Ashley Smith
View ThreadVoice Over Stopped Working
by Josh Modica 2 weeks ago

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