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Adobe Premiere Pro

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View ThreadHow do I feather the edge of a Four-Point Garbage Matte?
by Paul Boone 9 months ago
85 hours ago
James Huenergardt
View Threadcreating DVD
by jeff cordell 23 hours ago
27 hours ago
jeff cordell
View ThreadEditing with nested sequences... good or bad idea?
by Joshua Pearson 15 hours ago
197 hours ago
Andrew Kimery
View ThreadAuto-Color manipulation question...
by Gates Bradley 14 hours ago
27 hours ago
Gates Bradley
View ThreadNews:Digital Juice Lifetime Membership Subscription Service Launches Today
by Cow News Droid 8 hours ago
View ThreadNVIDIA Card with Yosemite and Premiere causing major graphics failure
by Chip Burns 5 months ago
16911 hours ago
Bob Pierce
View ThreadOdd auto-scrolling of timeline
by Paul Bryant 1 month ago
811 hours ago
Bob Pierce
View ThreadReplace with AE comp --- Sometimes precomp, sometimes footage...
by Mike Throck 12 hours ago
View ThreadMasks, track mattes and headaches.
by James Meurer 18 hours ago
214 hours ago
Jonathan Wing
View ThreadMoving from FCPX to PPro... pros and cons... long post.
by Joshua Pearson 1 day ago
614 hours ago
Joshua Pearson
View ThreadStrange timeline scrolling/shuttling problem
by Gates Bradley 1 month ago
1014 hours ago
Jonathan Wing
View ThreadPremiere & DNxHD Qt & mxf
by Paul Dougherty 19 hours ago
216 hours ago
Trent Happel
View ThreadColor correction
by Oliver Smith 2 days ago
617 hours ago
Oliver Smith
View ThreadWacom users?
by Gabriel Regalbuto 3 years ago
2817 hours ago
Greg Leslie
View ThreadVariations in hue and contrast when exporting
by Johan Windh 17 hours ago
View ThreadPremiere Pro Timeline Lag?
by Kyle Berkompas 2 years ago
418 hours ago
Dennis Squadrazzino
View ThreadCorrupt Cloud Preferences
by Eli Mavros 1 day ago
21 day ago
Eli Mavros
View ThreadChoppy Multicam CS6
by Bryan Varner 2 days ago
61 day ago
Bryan Varner
View ThreadSequences don't show modification date?
by Scott Clements 1 day ago
View ThreadExport individual clips AS individual clips
by Hunter Hempen 4 years ago
121 day ago
Matt Sparks
View ThreadProgressive, interlaced? Video noise in all clips
by Jimena Mora 3 days ago
31 day ago
Vince Becquiot
View ThreadOdd Monitor Phenomenon
by Phil Radelat 2 days ago
12 days ago
Matthew Hoecker
View ThreadPremiere Pro CC Warp Stabalizer Issue?
by Manav Bhathal 2 days ago
52 days ago
Matthew Hoecker
View ThreadHow do you copy and paste audio effects from one track to another?
by Scott Clements 1 month ago
72 days ago
Matthew Hoecker
View ThreadCreate alpha/luma matte for single track - Premiere CC 2014
by Angela Anderson 2 days ago
52 days ago
jerry wise
View Thread60p Playback issue
by David Seay 3 days ago
32 days ago
David Seay
View ThreadComputer freezes and reboots when playing Amira ProRes files
by George Tsirogiannis 2 days ago
View ThreadSubtitle XML for editing!?!?
by Michael Dominic 2 days ago
View Threadlimit voice with compressor - how?
by Michael Paul 2 weeks ago
32 days ago
Simon Billington
View ThreadHow to link back R3D footage from proxy files?
by Levan Khomeriki 2 years ago
52 days ago
Eric Santiago
View ThreadIs it still possible to upgrade CS5.5 to CS6.0?
by Tom Matthies 2 days ago
62 days ago
Ann Bens
View ThreadSearch Bin and Indexing
by Jon Ross 3 days ago
22 days ago
Jon Ross
View ThreadEye Dropper in Three-Way Color Corrector
by Avrïl Jacobson 2 days ago
12 days ago
James Strawn
View ThreadTranscoding for Premiere
by Neil Gowan 4 days ago
113 days ago
Neil Gowan
View ThreadWhat are these red and blue lines on my footage and subclips?
by Kristen Pelz 3 days ago
13 days ago
Massimo Alberto Croce
View ThreadVideos posted online look grainy, not sharp
by Neil Orman 4 days ago
53 days ago
Vince Becquiot
View ThreadBizzare quality issue on export of one section of a sequence from premiere in to h264 MPEG4
by Jimmy See 3 days ago
23 days ago
David Roth Weiss
View ThreadRED RAW on new 15" MacBook Pro
by leo zuck 3 days ago
View ThreadUnexpected quit of the Premiere Pro cs6/ CC
by Siddharth Gupta 3 days ago
View Threadpremiere pro cc clip markers visible in timeline
by Christina Crawley 2 years ago
103 days ago
Marc Serhan
View ThreadVideo won't insert into timeline,
by Andrew Besant 3 days ago
View ThreadFading between two Multi Cam
by Hasan Khurshid 4 days ago
63 days ago
Hasan Khurshid
View ThreadVideo Export Settings for Large Screen Projection
by Neil Orman 1 month ago
103 days ago
Hen Virgin
View ThreadArticle: PluralEyes: Fast & Easy Connections for Video & Audio Clips
by Bill ONeil 1 week ago
63 days ago
Timothée Ferreol
View ThreadPremiere CS6 interprets Quicktime 7 generated movie as half-resolution
by Alan Langdon 3 days ago
View Threadbest mobile preset for access to both Android and I-phone
by Nicholas Neal 3 days ago
View ThreadGlitches in rendered videos
by Tyler Kemp 3 days ago
View ThreadWaveForm Monitor Questions
by Bryce Douglass 4 days ago
74 days ago
Joe Barta IV
View ThreadImport from P2 Cards
by Don Priess 3 years ago
64 days ago
Alejandro Galvan
View ThreadLayer misalignment when using track matte & gaussian blur
by David Brook 12 months ago
84 days ago
Paul Caplin
View ThreadMulticam: some video angles black after export
by David Reichman 5 days ago
24 days ago
David Reichman
View Threadwill the iMac 5K Retina's AMD Radeon graphics card be a problem for Premiere Pro CC and AE???
by Nicholas Natteau 7 months ago
624 days ago
Tal Mor
View ThreadTwo Screen Set up problem
by Ben Allan 4 days ago
View ThreadNo audio scrub with Avid Artist Transport controller
by Lee Warner 4 days ago
View ThreadR3D to Prores Proxy or Prores LT for edit?
by Wooyeon Jo 11 months ago
34 days ago
Michael Jones
View ThreadAudio waveforms disappeared from clips in timeline
by Michael Diamond 7 years ago
124 days ago
Reinaldo Torres
View ThreadPremiere Pro or PluralEyes for audio sync
by Alex Zvyk 5 months ago
44 days ago
nat ives
View ThreadGetting audio back under video after unlink and delete
by Bas v Breugel 4 days ago
View ThreadNEVER seen this before: Premiere didn't render text layers.
by Michele Poggi 4 days ago
14 days ago
Tero Ahlfors
View Threadcan't find the Morph cut effect in premier cc
by Hadas Kastenbaum-Reznik 5 days ago
44 days ago
Kevin Snyder
View Thread[RESOLVED] Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks ceased to work after updating PP to 2014.1 !!!!
by JonZ MarZ 8 months ago
164 days ago
Donald Tong
View ThreadPremiere cs6 works slow on windows 8.1
by Vid Ogris 2 months ago
44 days ago
Al Bergstein
View ThreadCopy Pasting Clips from Premiere Pro CC to After Effects CC -- Colorista
by Dustin Bowser 4 days ago
View ThreadDisk usage bottleneck
by Peter Srinivasan 4 days ago
View ThreadPremiere Pro CC Continues To Crash Continuously
by Carlos Mandelbaum 4 months ago
154 days ago
Olivier Talouarn
View ThreadMost Recently Imported files in the Project Browser
by Dustin Bowser 4 days ago
View ThreadGeneral Force Closing throughout editing process
by Rachel Bays 5 days ago
34 days ago
Dennis Radeke
View ThreadIs there an easy way to do this?
by Jake Famisher 5 days ago
44 days ago
Dennis Radeke
View ThreadPremiere CC 2014 update constant freezes and crashes
by James Sehatt 11 months ago
625 days ago
Andrew Crosby
View ThreadImporting fcpxml into Premiere Pro CC
by Christopher Baron 1 year ago
15 days ago
Eric Santiago
View ThreadSuddenly: can't hear audio frame by frame?
by Michele Poggi 5 days ago
25 days ago
Michele Poggi
View ThreadLumix GH4 timecode issue
by Dmitry Bogolubov 5 days ago
View ThreadError Compiling Movie: Unknown Error ?
by Jonathan Dortch 3 years ago
175 days ago
Lisa Boer
View ThreadSwitching Frame Rates midway through timeline (23.976 --> 29.97) [NOT an 'interpreting' issue]
by Jesse Wood 6 days ago
36 days ago
Jesse Wood
View ThreadCan't get GeForce GTX 560 Ti card CUDA to work with new Premiere Pro CC 2014 version
by Sean Kendall 7 months ago
86 days ago
Chris Faber
View ThreadWarp Stabilizer won't analyze footage
by Ryan Green 1 month ago
36 days ago
tad newberry
Solved6K RED RAW on New 15' Macbook Pros
by leo zuck 6 days ago
View ThreadMoving audio and taking mix with it
by Sem Offat 7 days ago
View ThreadMarking All Clips 1 Frame
by Jamie Panton 1 week ago
37 days ago
Jamie Panton
View Threadmercury playback engine
by Fábio Rodrigues 1 week ago
View ThreadStabilize 4k footage from small aircraft -- Bahamas
by phillip angert 1 week ago
61 week ago
Bryan Keith
View ThreadPremiere Pro performance on long projects
by William Schaad 2 weeks ago
21 week ago
William Schaad
View ThreadPremiere Pro CS6 / Prelude CS6 question about comments
by Mark Pirres 1 week ago
View ThreadCannot save clips
by Jim Bosjolie 2 weeks ago
41 week ago
Jim Bosjolie
View ThreadCan you combine multiple M2T files into one clip in Premiere CS5?
by Alvin Lowery 1 week ago
View ThreadProblem Dynamic Link
by Wonderfulblack The insane 1 week ago
View ThreadWidescreen sequence monitoring
by James Hughes 1 week ago
View ThreadRed Frames are back on export
by Michael Sacci 3 months ago
91 week ago
Maren Juell Kristensen
View ThreadMatch Color - how and best way?
by Kent Beeson 2 years ago
21 week ago
Ht Davis
View ThreadMatte woes: i wanna scoot a video behind a box...
by tad newberry 1 week ago
21 week ago
Ht Davis
View ThreadSkin tones don't appear accurate along the Flesh Line - Color Correction
by Brett Allbritton 1 week ago
View ThreadHow to add an effect following behind a moving object?
by Tyler Kemp 1 week ago
71 week ago
Blaise Douros
View ThreadPremiere Pro export has missing data / dead pixels that don't show in the timeline before exporting
by Connor Deaconson 1 week ago
View ThreadIs there a way to export a video in 4k .mov format using Premiere C6?
by Trev Chee 1 week ago
21 week ago
Gabriel Sanchez
View ThreadCannot edit volume on clip in timeline
by James Hernandez 1 week ago
21 week ago
Trent Happel
View ThreadMissing Renderer - PPro CC2014
by Jon Doughtie 1 week ago
61 week ago
Jon Doughtie
View ThreadCant join up the footage
by David Honan 4 weeks ago
31 week ago
David Honan
View ThreadImporting adobe cc2014 .xml file to adobe cs6
by Brooks Burgoon 1 week ago
31 week ago
Tero Ahlfors
View ThreadHow do you get handles on extracted Audio - Premiere to Audition?
by Scott Clements 1 week ago
41 week ago
Tero Ahlfors
View Threadhow do you make this zoom in map effect?
by Constance Liong 2 weeks ago
31 week ago
Constance Liong
View ThreadCan I get these output specs out of Premiere Pro CC and if not where can I get them?
by Steve Garman 1 week ago
21 week ago
Trent Happel
View ThreadAdobe Premiere CS6 conforming files destination
by Casey Atkins 1 week ago
21 week ago
Casey Atkins
View ThreadMedia Encoder exports incorrect video format
by Trev Chee 2 weeks ago
31 week ago
Daniel Waldron
View ThreadMPEG2 BluRay Audio - PCM or Dolby Digital Plus
by Nancy L. Sutton Smith 1 week ago
View ThreadHas anyone had success using CuteDCP with Premiere Pro CS6 to export DCP files?
by tim gallaher 2 weeks ago
41 week ago
tim gallaher
View ThreadAdobe premier CC- Export Media with a Huge Black spot where effect mask was apply
by Ignacio Iratchet 2 weeks ago
31 week ago
Paul Neumann
View ThreadIs there a way to directly link project bin folder structure with Windows file explorer structure?
by Jordan Woodworth 2 weeks ago
31 week ago
Alex Udell
View ThreadNo image in source window
by Jens Mortensen 7 years ago
121 week ago
Rowan Cloete
View ThreadHow much can you zoom in on 4K footage in a 1080P timeline?
by Peter Vandall 2 weeks ago
81 week ago
JP Pelc
View ThreadPC-based Adobe CC shop has opportunity to switch to Macs - should we?
by Nick Ryan 2 weeks ago
31 week ago
JP Pelc
View ThreadFast Blur Mask turns Black in Premiere Pro CC
by Jess Harrelson 2 weeks ago
31 week ago
Alex Udell
View ThreadPaste attributes not working on custom sequence
by Joe Riggs 2 weeks ago
21 week ago
Ann Bens
View ThreadCC 8.2 Dual Monitor White Screen Freeze no playback
by blake farber 2 weeks ago
82 weeks ago
blake farber
View ThreadToggle sequence between program and source monitor
by Will Fiennes 2 weeks ago
42 weeks ago
James Strawn
View ThreadSlow Motion in Premiere Pro or After Effects?
by Ingo Feuker 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
James Strawn
View ThreadAdobe Premiere CS6 Thumbnail View Refresh?
by Bobby Cullipher 3 years ago
162 weeks ago
Andrei Nemcik
View ThreadResolution/Aspect Ratio
by David Smooth 2 weeks ago
52 weeks ago
Jeff Pulera
View ThreadAndrew Devis Premier Pro Techniques Index Request
by Alistair MacDonald 2 weeks ago
View ThreadTime stops still - just how did they do that?
by David Honan 2 weeks ago
32 weeks ago
Jon Doughtie
View ThreadPremiere Pro CC with an external audio interface (Mac OS X)
by Merlin Vandenbossche 1 year ago
22 weeks ago
Merlin Vandenbossche
View ThreadStrange new glitch on PP fades to black.
by Will Holloway 2 weeks ago
32 weeks ago
Dennis Radeke
View ThreadFade Out, Fade In Transition in Adobe Premiere Pro CC?!
by Mark Jackson 2 weeks ago
72 weeks ago
Mark Jackson
View ThreadWhere is my autosave file?
by Sohrab Sandhu 2 years ago
42 weeks ago
Michael Ron
View ThreadARRIRAW footage loading slowly into Premiere CC
by kelly armstrong 2 weeks ago
32 weeks ago
Tero Ahlfors
View ThreadDYNAMIC LINK ISSUE: individual precomps for all clips when "replacing with AE comp"
by Ryan harper 2 weeks ago
View ThreadTimeline looping, how to switch off!
by Steve Connor 4 years ago
312 weeks ago
Bob Miano
View ThreadScale to Default Frame Size
by David Smooth 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Ann Bens
View ThreadExtracting Selected Layers only
by Grayson Sedory 2 weeks ago
72 weeks ago
Paul Neumann
View ThreadEmbedding Closed Captions in ProRes files
by Tim Allison 1 month ago
42 weeks ago
Toño Cordoba
View ThreadPrevent Timeline from moving
by Jim Chan 2 weeks ago
View ThreadCan you keyframe all the three-way colour corrector controls?
by Scott Clements 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Scott Clements

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