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Adobe Media Encoder

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View ThreadThree hours to encode this 5 minute video. Is that to be expected?
by Duke Sweden 2 days ago
109 hours ago
Duke Sweden
View ThreadColor restoration project on Regular 16mm film transfer
by Tim Leonard 7 days ago
1811 hours ago
Tim Leonard
View ThreadWhat is your game plan?
by David Mathis 5 days ago
511 hours ago
Paul Neumann
View ThreadExport Color Settings Issue
by Destynie Ellis 1 week ago
311 hours ago
Joseph Owens
View ThreadI'm having trouble setting up and outputting broadcast audio correctly
by David Nestelle 3 days ago
814 hours ago
Chris Borjis
View ThreadForce relink Premiere?
by Thomas Morter-Laing 18 hours ago
116 hours ago
Alex Udell
View ThreadWhy do I get a quality loss after importing my video into after effects CC
by Stephan Egli 1 day ago
120 hours ago
Dave LaRonde
View ThreadBringing different codex into one standard for editing
by Serge Taran 3 days ago
62 days ago
Serge Taran
View ThreadExtremely Long Render Times in Premier Pro CC 2014 - Please guide me!!
by Alex Frizzell 1 year ago
92 days ago
Serge Taran
View ThreadRendering 2048x1152 with Lossless PCM audio - what codec?
by Miles Skarin 3 days ago
23 days ago
Miles Skarin
View ThreadH.263 encoding
by Stamos Dimitro 3 days ago
43 days ago
Mike Buckhout
View ThreadX to the rescue again...
by Bill Davis 7 days ago
203 days ago
Walter Soyka
View ThreadAfter effects Users Its A MUst Download This : software to compress videos keeping its quality read on
by hanna dean 5 days ago
63 days ago
hanna dean
View ThreadShooting with a Panasonic DMC - LX100
by John Borys 4 days ago
View ThreadCreating an mp4 that is twice the width of 4K
by Kevin Camin 4 days ago
44 days ago
Dave LaRonde
View ThreadRender out different sections of the same comp?
by Ben Lewis 1 week ago
135 days ago
Ben Lewis
View ThreadCreating Video Slideshow fromf high-res JPEG images (exported from RAW files)
by Patrick Tumilty 6 days ago
45 days ago
Oki Pienandoro
View Threadcolor refference trailers
by Ali Quintana 2 weeks ago
37 days ago
Glenn Sakatch
View Thread.wav files stop export to media encoder
by barb daly 2 weeks ago
57 days ago
barb daly
View ThreadInstalling FCP 6 or 7 on OS 10.9
by Tom Galli 2 years ago
41 week ago
Tom Galli
View ThreadRendering the same project with multiple programs?
by Isaac Someah-Kwaw 2 weeks ago
71 week ago
hanna dean
View ThreadEditor / Cameraman
by Liz Rooney 2 weeks ago
View ThreadRisks of installing FCP 7 on a new 2015 iMac running El Capitan?
by Jim Bruce 2 weeks ago
141 week ago
Jim Bruce
View ThreadPremiere Pro CC 2015 to Media Encoder CS 5.5 not working
by Adam Berch 1 week ago
11 week ago
Tero Ahlfors
View ThreadSporadic Output results while Exporting H.264
by Rev. Jay Cross 2 weeks ago
31 week ago
Chris Wright
View ThreadAVCHD Skipping Audio in Premiere?
by Thomas Reimer 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Thomas Reimer
View ThreadAuto Shutdown PC after Encoding Done - Premiere Pro / Media Encoder
by Marco Meswara 4 years ago
152 weeks ago
Luca Terzi
View ThreadExport FCP7 to 1080
by Mike Rousseau 2 weeks ago
22 weeks ago
Michael Gissing
View ThreadUnderexposure - How to increase exposure
by Marinos Ziakas 2 weeks ago
52 weeks ago
Kalle Kannisto
View ThreadMask/Motion Blur bug and fix(?)
by Jackie Kustan 2 weeks ago
View ThreadServer Encoder
by Loria Hyslop 2 weeks ago
92 weeks ago
Dave LaRonde
View ThreadExport Error Error compiling movie. Unknown error
by Jim Cunningham 2 weeks ago
View ThreadAdvice to speed up rendering significantly?
by Isaac Someah-Kwaw 3 weeks ago
112 weeks ago
Isaac Someah-Kwaw
View ThreadExporting .mov files
by Sue Daly 2 weeks ago
72 weeks ago
Bill Ravens
View ThreadApple Compressor "Error trying to open source media file." XAVC-S .mp4 files from Sony A7s
by Noah Leon 10 months ago
112 weeks ago
Noah Leon
View ThreadNews: Post-Production Toolsets From Adobe, Facilis & Boris FX/Imagineer At May Editors' Lounge
by COW News Droid 2 weeks ago
View ThreadSwitching from FCP to Avid 8.4 - mxf clips already transcoded - how to link with AMA clips
by Jenna Bliss 3 weeks ago
63 weeks ago
Shane Ross
View Threadproperly ingesting 60 fps footage from Sony FS-100 into Media Composer
by John Brune 3 years ago
203 weeks ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadXML Sidecar file
by Will Downing 3 weeks ago
13 weeks ago
mark thompson
View ThreadCompression duration
by Pierre Valliere 3 weeks ago
View ThreadMedia Encoder only exports PART of the project
by Ariella Furman 3 weeks ago
View ThreadEpisode vs Adobe Media Encoder
by Rich Rubasch 4 weeks ago
13 weeks ago
Jack McGee
View ThreadBlog: Day Two: Editing on DaVinci Resolve 12.5
by walter biscardi 4 weeks ago
13 weeks ago
Keith Pratt
View ThreadTurning video from NDF to DF
by Sarah Furie 3 weeks ago
33 weeks ago
Shane Ross
View ThreadMissing files not missing, but missing in AME
by Andy Engelkemier 4 weeks ago
33 weeks ago
Andy Engelkemier
View ThreadLeaving Premiere Pro CC 2015.2 and coming back causes endless "wheel of Death"
by Barry O'Brien 4 weeks ago
64 weeks ago
Alex Udell
View ThreadDTS-HD in Davinci Resolve 12.5
by Juan Gomez 4 weeks ago
34 weeks ago
Nat Jencks
View ThreadH264 encoding is blurring my image
by Paul Rijkaard 4 weeks ago
View ThreadAudio repeat glitch at end of clip
by Duke Sweden 1 month ago
54 weeks ago
Tom Valens
View Thread"Couldn't load kPFColorParamSuite." Media Encoder FAILING
by Thomas Reimer 4 weeks ago
View ThreadC100 - Slow Motion workflow in Premiere
by Gavin Williams 2 years ago
64 weeks ago
Benson Greene
View ThreadMetadata, Workflow, and Stock Footage
by Don Rumsey 4 weeks ago
View ThreadDIY DCP for the indie producer
by Jonathan Bierman 1 month ago
24 weeks ago
Jonathan Bierman
View Thread'media offline' issue when exporting despite media being 'onlin' in sequence.
by Paul Holbrook 4 weeks ago
14 weeks ago
Lisa Bradley
View ThreadMedia offline in Encoder, fine in Premiere
by Steven J Casey 3 months ago
64 weeks ago
Lisa Bradley
View ThreadComposition rendering into multiple videos how can I change do single video output
by Kirsti VandeVord 1 month ago
14 weeks ago
Dave LaRonde

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