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Adobe Audition

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View Threadtaking out a hum
by Jim Williams 5 days ago (new activity on December 5, 2016)
11 day ago
Chris Wright
View ThreadReconstructing audio
by Jim Dockery 1 week ago (new activity on November 30, 2016)
26 days ago
Chris Wright
View ThreadRecreating a voice?
by Soham Jani 3 weeks ago (new activity on November 18, 2016)
13 weeks ago
Steven Talley
View ThreadVinyl Effects for Sound Design
by Simon Billington 3 weeks ago
View ThreadWorkflow for mixing multiple spots from Premiere
by Brian Collins 4 weeks ago
View ThreadArticle: Adobe MAX 2016: Breakthroughs in Design and Productivity
by Creative COW 1 month ago (new activity on November 2, 2016)
21 month ago
Tim Wilson
View ThreadWhat did I do wrong? Can't move my volume or pan clip controls...
by David Gaudio 1 month ago
View ThreadRemove noise from entire clip no longer works
by Duke Sweden 2 months ago (new activity on October 21, 2016)
12 months ago
Duke Sweden
View ThreadAudition remix
by Philip Choi 2 months ago
View ThreadRecreating a really bassy voice in Audition
by Rune Jacobsen 2 months ago
View ThreadNews: Adobe Stock Contributor Portal Allows Creators To Sell Their Stock Media Directly Inside Creative Cloud Applications
by Tim Wilson 3 months ago (new activity on September 20, 2016)
13 months ago
Dennis Radeke
View ThreadNews: Adobe Unveils Sweeping Feature and Performance Updates to Adobe Creative Cloud Applications at IBC 2016
by Cow News Droid 3 months ago (new activity on September 16, 2016)
213 months ago
Alex Udell
View ThreadAudio levels decrease when exporting
by Adrian Smith 3 months ago (new activity on September 14, 2016)
43 months ago
Steven Talley
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