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Adobe After Effects

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click to view threadFAQ and Important AE Notices  by Abraham Chaffin on Jan 23, 2014 at 7:36:26 pm

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View ThreadRotating a C Shape perfectly on center
by tim tippets 29 minutes ago
View ThreadParticular for beam effect
by Davor Kronja 2 days ago
72 hours ago
Davor Kronja
View ThreadControl Child Layer
by Darren Lee 10 hours ago
34 hours ago
Darren Lee
View ThreadAfter Effects and Premiere workflow?
by Michael Paul 23 hours ago
15 hours ago
Daniel Waldron
View ThreadAe 2015 Render Farm
by John Miyoshi 2 days ago
65 hours ago
Walter Soyka
View ThreadCenter Anchor Point in Layer Content Missing in Lates AE CC Update
by Michael Cabral 1 day ago
45 hours ago
Walter Soyka
View ThreadAfter Effects, Beam and Square caps?!
by Simon Tibbs 1 day ago
46 hours ago
Walter Soyka
View ThreadAutomatically track and adjust exposure values based on other source? Expression maybe?
by Roger Alexander 3 days ago
36 hours ago
Kalle Kannisto
View Threadanimate wiggle - after effects expression changes?
by greg beninger 8 years ago
37 hours ago
Federico Rivolta
View ThreadTechnique for Animated Number Countdown with Commas
by Randy Rubin 4 years ago
118 hours ago
Nick Hamilton
View ThreadHow to fix lighting issue with subject on keyed footage? Any experts out there?
by albert trevino 11 hours ago
110 hours ago
Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
View ThreadText transitions to birds flying
by Meliha Cicak 3 days ago
211 hours ago
Meliha Cicak
View ThreadCreate a isometric camera in After Effects cs6
by Manuel Rodrigues 3 years ago
317 hours ago
Sabri Liefert
View ThreadAfter Effects Plug-in Recognition
by Mark Chatman 1 day ago
223 hours ago
Mark Chatman
View ThreadParticular- Keeping the same particles on
by William Saviola 2 days ago
41 day ago
William Saviola
View ThreadDisplay resolution guide for after effects
by Mit Panchani 3 days ago
91 day ago
Mit Panchani
View ThreadOn a deadline and stuck! AE color interpretation problem
by Faith Granger 2 weeks ago
231 day ago
Walter Soyka
View ThreadWhich the heck is this plugin?
by Mark Chatman 2 days ago
51 day ago
Mark Chatman
View ThreadParticle text that forms and separates
by wyclef chron 6 days ago
101 day ago
Kalle Kannisto
View ThreadHow to do this number moving on the path like this ?
by Bhuvani Dharan 2 days ago
11 day ago
Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
View ThreadSoundkeys
by diana govina 2 days ago
22 days ago
diana govina
View ThreadHow to remove moving single colored pixel spots whitout leaving ugly borders
by Gabriel Brasil 2 days ago
12 days ago
Dave LaRonde
View Threadshape oriented along a path rotating wildly before first and after last keyframe
by mel ruiz 2 days ago
52 days ago
mel ruiz
View ThreadAE Interface Disappears When Accessing OS X Finder Windows
by Scott Gillies 4 months ago
42 days ago
Markus Hofko
View ThreadDuik problems? I have the solutions
by Ben Peterson 1 year ago
72 days ago
Agnes Swart
View ThreadSlider controling Slider Expression
by James Ronan 2 days ago
22 days ago
James Ronan
View ThreadExpression for Mirroring a value but setting different max and min parameters
by Brian Lee 3 days ago
22 days ago
Brian Lee
View ThreadUpperField Prerenders
by Lenz Eternel 3 days ago
62 days ago
Lenz Eternel
View ThreadHow to place 200 photos into compositions automatically?
by John Stevic 2 days ago
62 days ago
Don Jobs
View ThreadQuestion about masks, noob alert.
by Ricard Rinaldo 5 days ago
82 days ago
Ricard Rinaldo
View ThreadAE 2015 on new iMac 27"
by Neil Wieteska 3 days ago
22 days ago
Neil Wieteska
View ThreadWhen viewing an alpha track matte in RGB the result is different from viewing the footage with matte applied in RGB
by Semeon Fadeyev 3 days ago
13 days ago
Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
View ThreadHi to all, i don't know anything about the expressions! how to fix this thing?
by Tommaso Guarniera 3 days ago
13 days ago
Kalle Kannisto
View ThreadRendering different versions
by Kasper Nyman 3 days ago
23 days ago
Walter Soyka
View ThreadMaking a dozen swish pans that must piggy back off each other.
by Scott Clements 3 days ago
83 days ago
Dave LaRonde
View ThreadEdges of logo visible
by Mikael Wolf 1 week ago
73 days ago
Michael Szalapski
View ThreadCinema 4D path into After Effects?
by Joey Park 5 days ago
13 days ago
Michael Szalapski
View ThreadAfter effects plugins
by Oliver Bennett 5 days ago
23 days ago
Michael Szalapski
View Threadhow can achieve this smoothness?
by Francisco Manzanares 5 days ago
23 days ago
Daniel Waldron
View ThreadLinear Workflow - After Effects export/Premiere
by Andreas Weiß 3 days ago
View ThreadBreak objects into particles to form another object
by Hendrik Stutzinger 3 days ago
View ThreadTrouble with video stabilization
by Sean Carney 1 week ago
103 days ago
Kalle Kannisto
View ThreadInfo about no. of items selected in project panel
by Sanjiv Maniktala 3 days ago
View ThreadShape Layer unaffected by distance from light source, is this a bug or is there solution?
by Jeff Cottle 5 days ago
63 days ago
Kalle Kannisto
View ThreadCOW Newsletter: A Tale of Two Mockingjays; Introducing Ultron; LTO, and More
by Creative COW 4 days ago
View Threadno sound when importing comp into Premiere?
by Ewan Horlock 3 years ago
44 days ago
ling talfi
View ThreadTime remap issue - losing rotation animation in a nested element
by Shaun Ng 2 weeks ago
74 days ago
Shaun Ng
View Threadtif to dpx (hundred thousands of files)
by Kiki Muchtar 9 months ago
74 days ago
Tero Ahlfors
View ThreadAfter effects character turnaround
by Vidhu Shah 1 month ago
54 days ago
Meilana Gillard
View ThreadAdvanced paper shattering effect [Video example]
by Romain Bardinet 7 days ago
74 days ago
Kalle Kannisto
View Threadsomething I'm trying to achieve with the comp edge
by Greg Foreman 5 years ago
85 days ago
Steve Hardie
View ThreadProblem with Puppet on shape layer
by Ron Boscacci 6 days ago
25 days ago
Ron Boscacci
View ThreadEliminating double/triple framing with 26.973 fps footage?
by Keven Klayne 6 days ago
15 days ago
Dave LaRonde
View ThreadAfter Effects Machine Specs
by Stephen Ong 6 days ago
75 days ago
Walter Soyka
by Cal McGreggor 3 years ago
56 days ago
Alejandro Urbano
View ThreadInvert Keylight Effect?
by Johnny Quinn Alston 5 years ago
66 days ago
Eqysterika Nima
View ThreadHow to create a fade out effect in the end of the video to transparent instead of white/black?
by Hugo Daniel 6 days ago
16 days ago
John Cuevas
View ThreadPer Kirkeby's Breaking the Waves chapters' technique tutorial?
by Adriano Castaldini 1 week ago
66 days ago
Adriano Castaldini
View ThreadChroma Key paint?
by malcolm DeSoto 7 years ago
136 days ago
Stuart George
View ThreadThird Party Plugin display issue
by Benjamin Parker 1 week ago
146 days ago
Benjamin Parker
View ThreadMatch moving camera shake to add a camera that mimics the shake?
by Aza Allen 7 days ago
16 days ago
Kalle Kannisto
View ThreadConverting between AE & Premiere speed ramps
by Navarro Parker 2 years ago
27 days ago
Nate McLean
View ThreadAnimation changes itself
by Bartek Pawlik 1 week ago
97 days ago
Bartek Pawlik
View Threadchange comp names automatically
by criis daw 6 years ago
151 week ago
Earl Cabuhat
View ThreadChristmas effect
by stig olsen 1 week ago
31 week ago
Joseph W. Bourke
View ThreadHow to export with .264 or .265 codec
by Luis Garcia 1 week ago
21 week ago
Dave LaRonde
View ThreadVery odd AE audio issue
by Michael Gaynor 1 week ago
11 week ago
Dave LaRonde
View ThreadJerky scrolling credits
by Gianni Saponara 1 week ago
41 week ago
Jon Doughtie
View Threadsetting directory?
by Eric Patrick 4 years ago
71 week ago
Jim Medcraft
View ThreadThe opposite of precompose?
by Arie Stavchansky 10 years ago
21 week ago
Dmitry Lyapustin

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