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White Balance on AJ-RC10 with HPX370

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Chris Cooke-JohnsonWhite Balance on AJ-RC10 with HPX370
by on Jun 29, 2012 at 5:24:27 pm

Hi Folks,

I'm having a little trouble getting an RC10 hooked up to a 370 to do what I'd like or rather expect it to do.

With the remote enabled (panel active, sw active) and under the white (balance) function set:

1. All menus appears per the manual.
2. With the exception of (4) GAIN-VR-MODE and (5) GAIN-VR-RANGE, none of the other menu items can be changed. Changing the settings of (4) and (5) have no bearing on the operability of the other functions.
3. This is irrespective of the other related settings (PRE/A/B & AWB) - to explain:
White balance menu item 7 - AWB-A
MEM TEMP A 3200k
This does not change irrespective of what is actually the number in WB A - doing an AWB for A returns say 6.3k, but the menu always shows 3.2k for both A and B.

What I would like to be able to do is to dial in the WB on the RC10 which based on the manual and the intended use of the product it should be able to do without issue.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

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Steve EisenRe: White Balance on AJ-RC10 with HPX370
by on Jul 2, 2012 at 10:30:35 pm

Press the AWB so that the display is off and press either A or B for WB. You should see the display to the left of the WB selector.

Operation of the ABB/AWB/BAR switch
The ABB button and the AWB button function the same as the switch for the white balance/ black balance of the camera recorder.
The lamp is on when the unit is operated.
If the button is pressed again during operation, the lamp will flash for 5 seconds to indicate an interruption of the operation.
If “PRE” is selected in the PRE/A/B selection of the white balance, it is impossible to change the setting, and the lamp will flash for 5 seconds.
The BAR button switches the camera output to the color bar. The lamp is on when the camera output outputs the color bar.
4) Operation of other switches
For the MATRIX ON button, the DTL OFF button, A.KNEE ON button, HIGH COLOR ON button, and the SHT ON button, the ON and OFF states switch every time the button is pressed. The lamp for the DTL OFF button is on when the button is OFF. The lamps for the other buttons are on when the button is on.

Steve Eisen
Eisen Video Productions
Vice President
Chicago Creative Pro Users Group

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Chris Cooke-JohnsonRe: White Balance on AJ-RC10 with HPX370
by on Jul 3, 2012 at 1:15:57 am

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your response. I'm curious as to if you have an RC10, or possibly misunderstood my question as your suggestions do not make any sense to me, and the section of the manual that you have pasted does not seem appropriate to the issue at hand.

On the RC10, there is no way to "press the AWB so that the display is off". The AWB button is not lit unless it is pressed (akin to flicking the switch on the camera) and there is no display for it on the RC10 - the display next to it is for gain. The PRE/A/B display cannot be turned off at least according to the manual - it simply cycles through these three options. The section of the manual, which I have read, is on how to do an WB, which I think I can do ;-)

As stated in my original post, I'm trying to dial in a specific white balance setting with the RC10 as implied on page E-26 of the manual:

6 - COLR- TEMP-PRE - 2300k : 8000k - To set the color temperature in the AWB PRE
7 - TEMP-A - 2300k : 8000k - To set the position of the WHITE BAL switch and the color temperature in case of Ach. The step varies with the camera conditions.

I really am at a loss as the manual suggest that I am in the correct place, just that the dials do not change the values. Dialing in a WB setting is to me one of the basic functions of a remote/CCU, so I'm sure it must be very straightforward and I'm totally missing something.

Thanks in advance.


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