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Re: MXO2 and Samsung monitors

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Andy MeesRe: MXO2 and Samsung monitors
by on Dec 27, 2008 at 9:07:02 am

Guys, I'm not so sure that many of the first MXO2 users are using it for color critical reference on consumer grade LCD's/HDTV's/Computer monitors at all. I'd guess the first round of buyers were those who spotted the MXO2 as a rugged field unit for capture and playback by its various inputs and outputs with least of all of those outputs being HDMI for grading on a consumer display. Granted, a LOT of folks bought the original MXO specifically for its budget color grading appeal (although by no means all the purchases were with that in mind) but my feeling is that when the MXO2 was initially conceived and created it was designed for and expected to appeal to a quite different user base. In fact, IMHO, even calling it the MXO2 was probably a mistake as it invites direct comparison. I get the impression that the original MXO is/was intended to continue to sell to those who want entry level access to critical color correction on their ACDs and Dells or comparable computer displays, and that the fact that many of those potential MXO buyers have embraced the MXO2 instead and are now actively looking to set it all up and get it going with their consumer grade HDMI monitors has quite possibly taken Matrox a little by surprise. All very speculative of course, but either way I do think they must be increasingly aware of the clamor by some users to simply be told what monitor to buy in order to achieve the promised results. Hopefully they will put that to rights just as soon as they catch up to themselves. Bottom line, I don't think there's a lot more to it than that. A product endorsement conspiracy or mystery seems unlikely to me anyway.

Reid, regarding "dot by dot" mode, I'd doubt that you'll necessarily find that term specifically. Matrox may refer to it as dot by dot mode, more commonly its just referred to generically as 1:1 pixel mapping, but each manufacturer will have their own name ... for example, with the Toshiba Regazza I mentioned in the thread above its called "Exact Scan Mode", on Sony's Bravia models its called "Full Pixel" mode, Mitsubishi appear to call it Tru1080p™ mode etc etc

Here's a couple of links for your reference:

Hope it helps

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